Thursday, October 2, 2014

Variations on my ideas from all aroud the world 3.

A few weeks before I shared some photos how others folded my origami gift packet ideas.
Today a dear friend of mine from India sent me some pictures about her origami butterflies. Here is the video tutorial for.
Her name is Tarannum Memon a super kind, smart young lady. She said her father helped her with patterns. As you can see she used simple color papers and decorated herself after folding. It is very good idea.
I love how creative she is with his father. So special thanks and congratulation for father! :-)
I had my patterned origami paper, but I have to tell you how much amazed me her/their own patterns.
So here are the pictures.
And again: I am very happy to get pictures!! 
Thank you so much Tarannum Memon to show me your butterflies and let me to share pictures!
Good luck to all of you!
With love, Anikó


  1. How lovely! It must be a nice feeling knowing that you inspire people around the world!

    1. Yes dear Zsuzsa :-) it is wonderful feeling ♥
      I feel it is worth to do my videos ....

  2. wonderful piec of work love it very much and story to go along with