Friday, March 10, 2017

Teabag STAR

I saw this idea with paper bags but I wanted to show you that you can also make it using teabags.
Since years I was thinking about what to do with all the teabags and now I feel so good :-)

8 pointed 3D STAR

After prepaired 6 pointed star I realized that I can make a 8 pointed as well. On a much more easier way...

6 pointed 3D STAR

A few years ago I made a 6 pointed 3D star but now wanted to make it more precise.
Here you can watch...

Jewelry gift box

One of my favourite is to recycle paper tubes.
No one could tell that these gift boxes are out of paper tubes :-)

Christmas TREE

What to do with some pine cone and a paper tube...

Snowflake STAR

Here you can watch a new way how to cut and fold a snowflake star

Tiny Santa HAT

Video tutorial