Friday, June 27, 2014

Monkey fist

I really like Monkey fist :-) But it is not easy to understand how to make, that's why I spin the string only 3 times instead of 4 or 5.
I hope this video tutorial is helpful! :-)
Good luck!

Weaved ribbon flower

5 years ago I've learned this weaving method with paper. I thought it could be good with ribbon as well. And it works! :-) yuheeeee 
The lenght of the ribbons dipend on what size is the gift box what you want to use for. 
You always work with shorter pieces those will give the shape of the flower, the longers are for bind to the box. 
If shorter pieces started to slide apart when you are ready, fix them to longers with double sided sticker!
Good luck :-)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Ribbon weaving

One day I have overviewed a creative page on Facebook. There was some picture how to weave ribbon. But there was no video tutorial. On comment some said: pictures are not understandable.
Than I decided to make video tutorial to be clear :-) After I've finished with tutorial, I found another of course :-) But here is mine... :-)
Good luck!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Origami Rosette Packet

While I was working on my gift packet with rosette flower I got an idea. This origami seems to be hard at first sight, but your efforts will be crowned with success. Mainly at the end, where you will see this origami system what I found out is self collapsible with a bit help. It is worth to try! :-)
Good luck!

Thursday, June 12, 2014


I've made my own Kusudama video tutorial. It helps you how to stick them together as regularly as it needs. Because the origami section of this flower is easy enough BUT stick it nice isn't.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Paper bag

A few weeks ago +Zusanna Woe shared her wonderful rosetta craft. I asked her permission to do my paper bag tutorial with a similar rosetta decoration :-) DEAR subscibers, followers, children, women and men, all who like handmade things : The video has done

I'm happy for your comments and the more if you do it yourself as well! :-)

With love

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Origami butterfly

This origami butterfly is my favourite. It is for everybody! :-) Here you can watch video tutorial :


Face- and bodypaint for today :-)

Easter eggs

Although it isn't easter time I would like to show you my favourite easter eggs. No needs special materials! :-) And here is the video tutorial how simple to make these :
And you can use it as table decoration like this as well :

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Paper tube organizer

Everybody has lot of paper tubes :-) It is very popular to cut, paint and create a picture. And use it as pen organizer. The only one problem with natur paper twine organizer: it isn't for a long time. The coating come down sooner or later, not hard enough and you can't clean with water. That's why I make it with paper mache and use at the end varnish spray. It takes more time to create, but belive me: it worth. Here is video tutorial :

Rainbow flower

There are a lot of video about tissue paper flower decoration. I really like rainbow colour, so I create this colorful one (Here you can see video tutorial) :

Paper twine

Toys are usually bounded with paper twine what I really like to reuse for decorations, scrapbooks, flowers etc... But one day run out and I needed to make some. This video tutorial is about how to spin tissue paper into paper twine:

Friday, June 6, 2014

Flower pot

I like to reuse things. Here you can watch video tutorial, how to make flower pot from margarine bowl with some cord:

Window sill

Never throw out the rest tiles! Use in the window sill like this:

Gift packets

Orgami gift box tutorial was my first popular video on Youtube. That's why I developed and got this Origami gift packet

You can use these for little surprises. I hope it is useful for you! Have a nice day! Anikó


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