Saturday, January 17, 2015

Rolling STAMP

Hi dear everyone!
I very much like to prepare stamps for myself.
I've already made a lots of stamps. Heart stamp and much patterned stamps.
These are recycled stamps using old play foam :-)

Here you can watch how I used them.

Now I made some rolling stamps. With different patterns :-)
Here you can watch the video tutorial.

After I finished I found a very interesting and nice mixed media art at Heather Kraafter's blog.

In the video tutorial she shows very clear how to do the shading. I decided I will give a try to myself for this challenge :-) I used my pretty new rolling stamp :-) And I used only circles in this project because I LOVE VERY MUCH CIRCLES !!!!  Here it is :-) Of course Heather's art is much more beautiful, but I think this is not bad for first try :-) This could be a red-blue challenge as well.
This is a little bit like universe with stars and planets, isn't it?

Good luck!

Kirigami FLOWER packet

Here is my new KIRIGAMI project.

Very easy and nice! :-)
You can use origami paper or bit thicker paper as well
Good luck!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Variations on my ideas from all aroud the world 4.

Hi dear Friends!
At the end of last year I was very busy. I have a duty to share with you another pictures from all around world what my dear friends sent me :-) I have to tell I am always very happy if someone tries my ideas or does it bit different and send picture or share that :-)
Thank you so much!
Tarannum Memon from India made paper beads and Diary:

 And here is what my friend from Indonezia Zusanna preapred :-)