Saturday, October 11, 2014

Paper beads

A few weeks ago one of my lovely friend +Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith prepared very nice paper beads, and shared with us on her Blog. I was amazed how wonderful paper beads she prepared. Her description is very clear, perfect and full of useful informations

As you can see her photo is much more beautiful :-)

She asked me why I do not make video tutorial for paper beads.
I said: there are a lots of tutorial on youtube, don't need to be one another :-)
She said: maybe your subscribers would be happy to see yours.
I said :ok I will work on that and come up with some new ideas and more helpful informations.
So Here is the video tutorial
Good luck!


  1. They look so lovely! I like how you used your own patterned paper to make them!

    1. You did not give up :-) Thank you again. I think there are much more possibilities for patterns... worth to play with color combinations I think

  2. You've inspired me to make some more beads today, Aniko!

  3. I've also added a link to your video in my original blog post! A lot of people prefer watching a video, but I don't know how to make one!