Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Variations on my ideas from all around the world 5.

Hi dear everyone! To my greatest pleasure there are many crafters worldwide who try my ideas following my video tutorials. Unfortunately not everyone send me pictures.
But this time I got pictures again :-)))))
Vanda Nagy (Nagy Vanda - how we use in Hungary)  is an awesome hungarian woman (living in Switzerland) who makes beautiful beeded jewelries. On the pictures you can see that she added some beeds to the snakeskin patterned wrapping paper butterfly. Awesome! Isn't it?
Here you can see her arts on facebook. Thank you Vanda!
Again here is the origami butterfly video tutorial.
I wish to all of YOU wonderful day!


  1. That's made out of paper? Wow! I thought it was metal! Looks awesome!

    1. Yes I was confused at first sight as well
      There are many awesome papers