Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Patterns to draw

I often do body- and facepaint and I have some favourite patterns to paint. But these patterns not only for skin I think. They are very nice for any craft works. And I like to use these patterns for many of my ideas. At first sight maybe they seem difficult, but they are not at all. I will show you step by step how easy and simple to draw them.
So I decided I continue presentating my favourite patterns: How to draw :-)
Here are  3 of my own patterns what I prefer the most.
These are bookmarks of course. Paper is 180g photocarton and I sticked two sheets together to be strong :-)
I hope you will try to draw these patterns!
Good luck! :-)
With love


  1. I cannot wiat to see how to draw them since I can not draw at all. )))) very beautiful

  2. Beautiful patterns! I'd like to learn how to draw them!