Thursday, March 12, 2015

Magnetic lock DIARY

I've already prepared a DIARY what my daugter loved to use very much.

So she asked me to make another one.
But there was a comment from Dianna Claire Briones: Do I have a video how to do that with a lock?
To tell the truth I didn't want to buy a keylock. I wanted to use something to lock the diary what everyone has at home. (I hope!) But I didn't want to use button: that is so boring! I decided I will use some magnet to close the diary. I think most of us have old fridge magnets to recycle. That is perfect to use as a lock. Here you can watch how I made the Diary with magnetic lock.


  1. Hi, I really liked your rolling pin stamp tutorial. Can you give me a link, name and -or product location? It was not clear what product you are using, Im not sure if you are using a double stick tape type product, or a double cling, or if the sheets are both cling and sticky. Thanks for the information. When I did a search for it there were so many choices I was confused.

    1. Hi Linda! :-) So I used thick plastic foil (I just cut an old file folder) then I sticked a double sided adhesive tape on it. Here are the links. Maybe these will help:
      Good luck!

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