Saturday, January 17, 2015

Rolling STAMP

Hi dear everyone!
I very much like to prepare stamps for myself.
I've already made a lots of stamps. Heart stamp and much patterned stamps.
These are recycled stamps using old play foam :-)

Here you can watch how I used them.

Now I made some rolling stamps. With different patterns :-)
Here you can watch the video tutorial.

After I finished I found a very interesting and nice mixed media art at Heather Kraafter's blog.

In the video tutorial she shows very clear how to do the shading. I decided I will give a try to myself for this challenge :-) I used my pretty new rolling stamp :-) And I used only circles in this project because I LOVE VERY MUCH CIRCLES !!!!  Here it is :-) Of course Heather's art is much more beautiful, but I think this is not bad for first try :-) This could be a red-blue challenge as well.
This is a little bit like universe with stars and planets, isn't it?

Good luck!


  1. Great idea with the rolling pin! I've thought about doing something like this for the gelli plate, but it would have been too expensive buying separate rolling pins for each pattern This way you can use just one rolling pin with many patterns! Really cool solution and I love the page you created with your new stamps too!

    1. Yes this way you can prepare a lots of changeable stamps :-) And you will need one more drawer for all :-) :-) :-) :-) And Family will be very happy slowly you will have all the drawers at home :-)

  2. oh my gosh Aniko - that was great. I would never say one piece is better than the other - yours is beautiful!! I think you shaded perfectly. Universe, stars and planets - absolutely PERFECT!!!

  3. Very creative, aniko! Can't wait to find one of those short rolling pins! I'm all about this demo!

    1. Hi Vicki! :-) How about your own rolling stamp? :-)